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Around the US West Coast in 9 days

It sounded like an ambitious plan to tour the US west coast with limited time, but we did it! It even turned out to be easier than expected. The preparation. As it was our first time to visit the US, we wanted to see as many sites as possible in San Francisco, Las Vegas and … Continue reading

Lao P.D.R (Please Don’t Rush)

Laos is perhaps the forgotten territory of Indochina. Tourists are drawn to its laid back lifestyle and the opportunity to watch sunset in the Mekong. I became interested of traveling this country mainly to go to Vang Vieng; described as an extension of Bangkok’s Kho San Road. It is said to be a place where … Continue reading

Namaste, Nepal

I like traveling to big cities. Meeting travelers and incredible people all over the world gives you ample opportunity to extend your network, interact with fellow professionals or simply just being friends and acquaintances.  I am lucky to have 18days off for Christmas and New Years of 2012. The problem is I run out of … Continue reading